Monte Vista Projects, Los Angeles, CA JUNE 27-July 25, 2009

FOLKLORE series is comprised of two single-channel animated videos and one three-dimensional quilt block sculpture. I am connecting the dual role of physical and aesthetic labor in my maternal and paternal grandmothers’ lives, and examining how family histories are preserved through folklore and folk crafts that reflect the daily histories and lives of working women.

UNTITLED (quilt block)
Rebar, fabric and printed fabric
Approx. 4’x 3’ x 3’

The design of this sculpture is based on an actual design of a quilt block made by my paternal grandmother. Printed fabric with the handiwork of each of my grandmothers comprises the some of the planes of the quilt. The quilt is most traditionally associated with women’s work, as being made by women. However, quilts were also utilized to represent larger narratives specific to its maker.